Renewing Azure certificate

Renewing Azure certificate


Renewing an Azure certificate involves extending the validity period of an existing certificate. By default, the certificate's validity is set to two years from the date of issuance. To achieve this, specific criteria must be met:

  • The certification must currently be active. Occasionally, Microsoft may retire specific exams, making it impossible to obtain or extend certifications associated with those exams.

  • Renewing should be done 180 days before the end date and before the certificate's expiration. Therefore, if your certification is valid until December 20, 2023, it's crucial to complete the renewal before that date.


Around 180 days before the certificate's expiration, Microsoft sends an email to the address used for certification, with the subject "Action required - Your Microsoft Certification will expire in 180 days!" This email contains essential information about the process that I strongly recommend reading, along with a link to Microsoft Learn, which provides detailed information.

It's also possible to check your certificate status without waiting for emails. Simply sign in to your Microsoft Learn profile and in the left, menu click "Certifications".

Clicking the Renew button, either in the email or on the "Certifications" page, opens a detailed information page about the assessment, terms, measured skills, and more.

One significant section on this page (in my opinion) is "Prepare for the renewal assessment." Here, you can find modules that aid in preparing for the renewal assessment.

While these modules might not encompass all the information needed to pass the assessment successfully, they serve as an excellent starting point. For additional information, referring to the official Microsoft documentation is advisable to delve deeper into specific topics that might arise.


The assessment consists of 25 questions, including both single-choice and multi-choice questions. To pass, you need to achieve a minimum score of 60%.

The first two attempts can be made consecutively, but after the second failure, a 24-hour waiting period is imposed. Thus, it's better not to postpone the exam until the last day or week, as you'll have only one attempt per day after the second try.

"Should I attempt the assessment without preparation?" This is a subjective question. There's a possibility that you're already familiar with the material, and refreshing your knowledge might not be necessary. Alternatively, you might want to use the questions to identify areas for further learning. In any case, choose what suits you best. I prefer going through the modules first and then attempting the exam.

When you feel ready, don't hesitate to take the exam. Even in the event of failure, the assessment provides valuable insights into the topics you need to focus on. Take your time to review these areas and try again.

Congratulations on successfully passing the assessment and extending your certificate's validity!

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